our story

here at amie, we believe that no one better understands the ups & downs of teen skin than those who have been through the challenges themselves. from within the amie laboratory, our team of expert, female scientists formulate remarkable, dermatologist approved, natural skincare solutions for all young skin types, including the most sensitive.

our mission

our mission

to combine the power of

science & female experience

to combine the power

of nature, science &

female experience

to create highly effective solutions for all young skin
types, including sensitive

behind every amie product is a community of expert scientists, led by a team of young, female chemists, who put all their experience, knowledge & know-how into every amie bottle, giving you confidence in your skin today and tomorrow.

what makes amie unique

% natural ingredients

when we say natural, we mean natural. you’ll find the % of natural ingredients on every pack & we use the ISO 16128 method to analyse & confirm levels of naturality.

perfect for every day

amie products are gentle enough to be used every day & won’t dry the skin out like some medicated brands can over time. through everyday use, amie helps to keep your skin healthy & happy.

proven claims

all our formulas have been tested in extensive consumer trials to ensure they deliver what we promise, brilliant & effective skincare. our moisturisers are also clinically proven to deliver long-lasting moisturisation. finally, for extra peace of mind, each of our products has been assessed to ensure they are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

dermatologist approved

we’re often asked what the difference is between dermatologist tested & dermatologist approved. amie formulations are dermatologist approved which means we ensure that a qualified dermatologist is present during all the studies, & they also review the results & approve final claims. this gives you extra reassurance on the effective but gentle nature of our formulations.

cruelty free & vegan

we do not & will not conduct animal testing on our finished products or ingredients, nor do we ask others to test on our behalf. in recognition of this commitment, we have been awarded ‘cruelty-free brand’ accreditation from PETA.