about amie

What does the word

'amie' mean?

amie means 'friend' in french, so amie is literally your skin’s best friend – trusted, reliable, kind & unique.

what do you mean by


here at amie, when we say natural, we mean natural. our skincare contains over 85% natural ingredients, in accordance with our company policy. this policy has been based on internationally recognised guidelines (such as iso 16128), whilst not compromising product performance. these guidelines allow us to define & calculate the level of natural ingredients in our products to bring transparency, honesty & consistency to our customers. on the front of all amie packaging, you’ll see a % which tells you the level of natural ingredients. the small group of non-natural ingredients included in amie are to aid preservation & great performance. as scientific research evolves, we will continue to investigate safe & effective ways to preserve products naturally, enabling you to love them for longer. 

is natural really


yes! all our formulas are tested under extensive consumer trials to ensure they are proven to deliver the results you’re looking for. our moisturisers are also clinically proven to deliver long-lasting moisturisation. finally, for extra peace of mind, each of our products has been assessed to ensure they are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. we ensure that a trained dermatologist is present during the studies, & they also review the results & approve final claims. 

the other benefit of natural ingredients is that they are gentle enough to be used every day & won’t dry the skin out like some medicated brands can over time. through everyday use, amie helps to keep your skin healthy & happy. 

is amie vegan & cruelty


most definitely! our formulas are suitable for vegans as they don't contain any animal or animal-derived ingredients. we do not & will not conduct animal testing on our finished products or ingredients, nor do we ask others to test on our behalf. in recognition of this commitment, we have been awarded ‘cruelty-free brand’ accreditation from peta. 

what do we mean by



here at amie, we ensure that a qualified dermatologist is present during all the studies, & they also review the results & approve final claims. this gives you extra reassurance on the effective, gentle nature of our formulations. 

is amie packaging


yes, but not all of the packaging elements are 100% recyclable. recyclability also depends on the facilities in your particular area, so here's some useful information on how to recycle your amie products:  

- we include recycling information on all of our packs - so be sure to check each one individually.  

- the tubes used for face washes are widely recycled in the uk, which means (in most areas) you can put them in your home recycling bin, but you need to check your local facilities first.  

- the bottles used across the range (e.g. moisturisers, face mist, makeup remover) are widely recycled in the uk.  

- it's not possible to recycle the pumps in our range because they're made using mixed materials – this is true of most pumps on the market.  

- it's not possible to recycle the film of the pouches for our wipes as these are made using a combination of different films.  

- our bottles & tubes are also made with 10% recycled plastic (pcr). 

can i use amie if i am


you should be fine using the amie range whilst pregnant as all of our products have been independently safety assessed, as per the requirements of the european cosmetic regulation ec no. 1223/2009. if you have any concerns about using new products during pregnancy, please consult a medical professional. 

do your products have

an expiration date?

no, each amie product is labelled with a pao (period after opening) symbol to indicate how long a product should be kept after opening. 

i have sensitive skin

can i use amie


each amie product has undergone a clinically controlled dermatological patch test on participants with sensitive skin. all of our products passed & were approved as "suitable for sensitive skin". further to this, all participants of our consumer studies also had sensitive skin. 

how do you colour &

fragrance your


we have no artificial colourants in the range & our signature fragrance is subtle & gentle & features in all the products*. 

*excluding the wipes 

are amie products ph


each product has its ph adjusted to a value which delivers optimal product performance. 

what is the best way to

store amie products?

products should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. 

where are amie

products made?

all our products are made in the uk. 

where can i buy amie


selected amie products are also available to purchase at waitrose.  

i used to use the old

amie products, what do

i use now?

we've recently updated amie with new & improved formulas & packaging. we've added even more highly effective natural ingredients to improve product performance & they've all been approved by dermatologists, ensuring they are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. we've also independently tested every single formulation to make sure they deliver the brilliant results that we want you to experience.

if you used the previous amie products, you might be wondering which products are closest to the ones you used before.

morning dew moisturiser – clear + calm mattifying moisturiser

radiant dawn exfoliating face wash – clear + calm exfoliating face wash

spring clean deep cleansing mask – clear + calm detoxifying clay mask

morning clear face wash – soft + smooth cleansing balm

new leaf exfoliating polish – soft + smooth exfoliating polish

morning light hydrating moisturiser – soft + smooth nourishing moisturiser

we’ve also added some additional products to the range. the new range is made up of 3 regimes so you can pick your products by selecting your skin type oliy/blemish-prone, normal/dry, dull/lacklustre. happy skin is a click away.

shipping & orders

please contact customercare@amieskincare.com  

yes, we offer free standard shipping for uk orders over £20. for full delivery details please click here